Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Aaah. Nothing that first cup of coffee, then blearily treading in fresh dog poo barefoot, and feeling it squidge through your toes. Stankie and I have to have a frank man-to-dog exchange of views.


Miranda said...

Treading on dog poo barefoot is my number two instant put-me-in-a-bad-mood thing (second to banging my head really hard). HOWEVER, with a face like that looking up at you how could you possibly get angry? MAN that is a cute thing. A real chick puller, heh?

fush and chips said...

Stankie is indeed a chick puller. Sadly I haven't capitalized on any of this passing totty. I just hang in background, shy.

Janelle said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh...fuck. this morning i felt like a dog had pooed in my head...or rather a hyena...stonking great hideous hang at least you didn;t have one of these AND step in the dog poo....x

fush and chips said...

Janelle try this:
2 raw eggs
black pepper

Down the lot. It works.

Tessa said...

Have you read Barbara Trapido?

fush and chips said...

I loved "Frankie and Stankie" so much I named my then-new labrador and pug after it. It's definitely my best Trapido.