Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Squint the Puppy

The problem with pugs, is- despite being the size of a burrito- in the tiny Tom Thumb firecracker of their minds, their body-image is Rottweiler big. Added to this, Squint, my new pug puppy, has skewed eyes that swivel like a chameleon's. One eye's looking to bite you, while the other's roving around for what's on TV. I just may have a five-inch, snub-nosed super predator on my hands. Or not.

Squint the Puppy*
There’s a puppy I bought, from Laurens van der Post,
With four legs, a tongue, and eyes that are crossed.
A dog like that you’d think quite a dunce,
What with each eye not quite together at once.
But with her stare wonky woo, and her glance in a scrunch,
She can see with each eye both breakfast and lunch.

*A poem, with apologies to Spike Milligan.

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Anonymous said...

wishing you loads of love and fun with your NBF