Friday, 27 February 2009


After dissing emoticons in the last post , I fear I’ve made some people coy about using them in future. While I think a world without with emoticons is a fabulous idea, I realize I may have dissuaded folks from ending their netspeak grunts with these trite semaphores of shite.  

So, without any further ado, I present…. Arsecons! Impress your friends and astound your neighbours! Start using them today.

(_!_) a regular arse 

(__!__) a fat arse 

(!) a tight arse 

(_._) a flat arse 

(_*_) a sore arse 

(_x_) kiss my arse 

(_?_) Dumb arse


tam said...

you are a genius. Or should that be genie's arse?

fush and chips said...

Thank you, my dear.

And the word is geniarse.

karen said...

serie-arsely classy and tasteful! I think i will have to try them out on my stepsons!

Miranda said...

You ARE a geniarse my friend. I'm feeling like a bit of a (____!____) today so I'm off to yoga now. Hope I don't get a (__*__). If I do I'll tell the yoga teacher to (__x__).

Oh and what about arsehole (__o__)

sandy said...

The virarse replicates remarkably quickly, I'm warning you. Soon your speech will be peppered with arse (we are just-living proof). Neal Stephenson : Arse Crash.