Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Kuala Lumpur

From the Plane
At dawn the city looks like an open cast mine, rising from the sea of jungle. Halogen-lit roads flow outwards, glistening rivers of coursing, molten neon.

Dinner at the Diesel Garage
Jet lag and late supper at Suzie’s, a roadside restaurant with a cracked concrete floor, and wonky plastic tables, lit by humming beams of halogen light. The place looks dirty and unhygienic as a diesel garage forecourt, but the food is spicy and delicious.

Awake and Dreaming
In the morning, the landscape’s a saturated Polaroid of roiling green jungle, punctuated by apartment blocks perches on soaring hills, like feta chunks in green salad. The slabs of tower blocks are daubed with greying streaks of mildew. There’s an unreality to this juxtaposition, like a surreal trompe l'ouille set design from a dream.

Crows in the Traffic
The rush-hour of sluggish cars is veined with swarms of mopeds, that course through the gaps like adrenaline, bursting from the green traffic lights like buzzing flocks of startled crows. Book ended building facades look on, damp mildew stains smudged down from their windows, like streaked mascara.

Exploding Mirror Balls
Shopping malls in downtown KL are not subtle. People shoulder past like shoals of fish, through kaleidoscope halls of warm glows and squinting, shrieking neon: like a mirror ball exploding in a lava lamp shop. Ten minutes of this and your aching eyes feel like a chameleon trying to play twister under a strobe light.


Anonymous said...

I was there a couple of weeks ago - sounds familiar.

Have you tried some delicious durian icecream yet? Go on.... I dare you!

fush and chips said...

Durian ice cream? God no!

Anonymous said...

Exactly! I was force fed durian crepes by my boss.

However, durian chocs from the airport make great presents for people you don't really like, but have to see. Just watch them try to look thankful with a mouth full of those!

fush and chips said...

Ha ha! That's a brilliant plan. I have an ex who's got awfully good at eating.

Reya Mellicker said...

I feel overwhelmed just reading about it.

Glad it's you there, reporting, while I'm tucked away in my inner sanctum, softly lit with incandescent light - no halogen!

Is that selfish of me? Oh well.

Brett said...

Well, Tim hasn't learnt from the last experience as he will be back in KL for Christmas for more of same with brother Brett...