Tuesday, 9 October 2007

indie crumpets: Continued

2. Björk

“Aye lee-iv under dee wutah,
Weeth the leetle feeshiss
All sweemming like aurora boree-awlis
Prittee like starsss”

Accompanied by what often sounds like spoons, forks, and a drum machine being flushed down the toilet, accompanied by a teddy bear popping bubble wrap.

Who would have thought a facial mix of 14th century Mongolian warlord and hamster would produce such a trouser-bursting result?

3. Kim Deal

"First I'm going to piss like a racehorse, then I'm gonna dance like a black woman”
(after Pixies concert)

The vocals of 'Gigantic’ sound like black coffee and sandpaper coming out of a pitch black room. She fronted the Breeders, the best all girl band since, well, ever. Sadly the years have been less than kind, and she’s packed on more pounds and looks less and less like her voice sounds. Ms. Deal now looks like my 50-something grade 7 French teacher, Mrs. Nesbit, who resembled a labrador with a weight problem. Sigh.


I are wearing the jean pant said...

Classic :)

Dolce said...

There's something about Lily Allen too.

Bjork is unwell. But in a rather delicious way.

And as for boy indie crumpet: Andrew Eldritch. Yum