Thursday, 6 May 2010


Wow, I do hate hospitals. Long macabre passages, that wee-like disinfectant smell, and the occasional scream. Much like a Natal Midlands boarding school, except with canings replaced by machines that go ‘ping’.

General anaesthetic is really trippy though. I love it. 10, 9, 8, ..7…..6 Boom! Gone. Hours truly gone from your life, a blank you never get back, without the recriminations that follow an alcohol-induced memory loss and its messy aftermath. Just lights out, and wham! back for jello and morphine.

Dying under anaesthetic’s a pretty cool way to go, I hear. Not in the James Dean sense of cool, more the Woody Allen “I’m not afraid of death. I just don’t want to be there when it happens.” way.

Ooops, time to go. See you on the flipside.


K said...

Update on progress/prognosis soonest please. Do you need to borrow stuffed-toys/DVDs. Could I whip up a batch of babaganouch to make you feel better?

Miranda said...

ooerg, tell us more, tell us more. That happened to my mother, the whole did-I-die-on-the-operating-table thing...

Anonymous said...

I want to hear about the in-between trip . . . if anything ever comes to light

Reya Mellicker said...

Thinking of you, sending lots of love.

Janelle said...

glad you made it to the flip side. phew. x j

fushandchips said...

Test results in a week. And thanks but No thanks to the aubergine.

No blinding light or nothing, just a blank, I'm afraid. Read your mom's post though. Amazing.

See top answer.

Thank you.That means something, even if it's just blips on a screen.

Yeah darlin', I'm back and I'm baaaad.

Colin said...

Generals rock!

Had 5 of them now and can't rate them highly enough;) The only bugger is coming off the morphine. Oh and chucking up with a newly prepared hernia a few hours after the op.

fushandchips said...
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Shiny said...

Fush - didn't you a have a sweet li'l nurse to push your drip stand for you? And, while she was there, she could've lit your cigarette too, you being the invalid and all. Hope all okay with your innards x

Chimera said...

So sorry to hear about your internment Fush! Hopefully you are on the mend and all sutures healing quickly. There MUST be at least one nurse who wil fall for your charms? A fellow smoker maybe? Offer to share the morphine...!
Hey really really wish you health and strength back soonest,
T xxx

fushandchips said...

Shiny and Chimera,
Thanks. Sadly I'm well on the mend, and fit enough to go to blimmin work today.