Friday, 29 May 2009

Children of the Corn

My friend Ange recently moved to a stone cottage in the Cotswolds. Dreams of a life of gumboots, lashings of ginger beer, and cycling down lanes with a blissful expression her face have given way to happenings more sinister. 

From: Angela M
Sent: Thursday, May 28, 2009
To: fushandchips

I swear to God there's a freaky blonde toddler child in the garden staring at me, children of the corn-style. 

If it picks up a banjo I might have to kill it with a spade.



Anonymous said...

hee heee heeee
This tickled me.

Recently went camping at a place in the Waterberg that had lots of cornfields next door with very strange humans wandering around. Fireside chat included Children of The Corn (especially for those campers scared of tents and the dark) who set themselves up for much teasing.

Anonymous said...

Ohmigosh that's hilarious

Anonymous said...

I remember watching that film on an elicit sleepover when I was about 13.

The next morning I found a grain of corn in my shoe.


Easy to terrify a bunch of 13 yr old girls though.

karen said...

O marvellous... thanks for that! Sure brightened up my dreary morning here!

have a great weekend.

angela said...

Tim! I am honoured. Ange

Joanne said...

I would keep that spade by your bed Ang