Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Reasons to be Cheerful

1. Herring-bone cirrus clouds scudding across blue skies.
2. Turning cartwheels on the beach.
3. A swim in a natural body of water.
4. Lazy Sunday mornings.
5. This Sigur Rós song. It's playing most mornings I yank open the curtains.
6. That first cup of coffee.
7. Boiled eggs and soldiers for breakfast.
8. Freshly-squeezed orange juice.
9. The Beatles’ song, Here Comes the Sun.
10. Throwing sticks for the dogs.
11. Skipping flat stones across the river.
12. Slow technicolour implosion sunsets.
13. A long hot bath and a good book.
14. The way the world looks infinitely more manageable after a cup of tea.
15. Crème Soda (a green cooldrink you can only get in South Africa. It tastes of summer pool parties when you were six)
16. A sense of humour. It’s your umbrella when the world is raining shit.


Tessa said...

Ahhh, a bleak, grey tupperware day here on the Mud Bank and you've just made my day because I can conjure up images of all your cheerful reasons. Baie danke, Tim!

Janelle said...

yeah..YEAH! and first rains on hot baked soil..that smell...hmmmm. xxx j

Anonymous said...

Ag julle - lots of memories flying round now. Started with Karen at Border Town Notes and her Huletts Sugar sachets, now creme soda. Gonna have to visit the SA shop and spend a fortune again! Mmm Ouma rusks to dip in steaming tea while looking out at the snow falling.....

Anonymous said...

holla at that sigur ros song!! hoppipooooollaaaaaa

Miranda said...

guinea fowl alarm call


baked beans on toast

family affairs said...

Boiled eggs and soldiers?? Is it any wonder you're not ready for kids? Love the are a child in men's underpants L (although obviously I don't ACTUALLY know that).

fush and chips said...

family affairs,
That's a 37 year-old in men's M&S cotton briefs to you.