Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Nick Drake

Just back from a funeral abroad. My best friend’s mother died. Now I’m home. It’s raining hard outside. I’m listening to Nick Drake, and wondering about death and loss. Drake's music is exquisite, forlorn, and yet transcendent as watching a bird in flight. A talented but troubled young man, he was shy and withdrawn, and sold only a handful of albums in his short career. Frustrated and despairing, he overdosed on antidepressants in 1974, aged 26.

I’m listening to this last song off his final album. I think of Gary and his mother. Wherever she is, I hope she’s flying.

“And now we rise
And we are everywhere
And now we rise from the ground
And see she flies
And she is everywhere
See she flies all around"

- Nick Drake, From the Morning (1972)


Reya Mellicker said...

He is one of my favorites, too. His voice is amazing.

Makes me so sad when beauty like that ends so suddenly, and too early. Way too early.

May your friend's mother rest in peace. Many condolences.

Tessa said...

Hmmm, yes. Nick Drake. Those lyrics remind me of a poem by Sasha Moorsom.

Ah, the company of birds
I loved and cherished on earth
Now, freed of flesh we fly
Together, a flock of beating wings
I am as light, as feathery,
As gone from gravity we waor
In heavenly circles.

I wonder why it is that we equate death with flight. Maybe it's 'cos we can't. Fly, I mean.

Tessa said...

woar? Soar. Sorry!

ExAfrica said...

Wow - what a song!

I have to confess never having heard him before - think I'll download that little mp3 file (if I can figure it out...)

fush and chips said...

Right-click the link, then choose "save as". Presto!

If you're gonna buy an album, get Way to Blue - an Introduction to Nick Drake. It's a corker.

Groove said...

What a lovely post Timmy. I'm grateful - and I know mum would be too. I hope in time I will be able to picture her flying. For the moment, in my mind, Cancer Judy has eclipsed the bright light that was Healthy Judy. Thanks for the post, thanks for coming, thanks for everything.

fush and chips said...

Hey Groove,
In time the horrible memories will be eclipsed by all the good ones. I promise.